Frequently asked questions

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What is Zapgo?

Zapgo is bringing a network of rapid and reliable electric vehicle charging points to handpicked local destinations. As a business owner with an existing car park, there’s zero cost, effort or risk to having these charging points installed, so you will earn extra revenue from day one. You’ll be giving your local area the infrastructure it deserves - and giving your customers another reason to visit.

How do Zapgo electric vehicle charging points work?

Made for electric vehicles (also known as EVs), our rapid charging points can deliver up to 80% charge in just one hour. Your customers can use this time to relax, shop, work out or sip a latte at your business – plus you’ll earn money from every charge.

How will my customers pay for the Zapgo EV charging points?

Customers can pay via the app, RFID cards and all major contactless debit and credit cards. They can also make Apple and Android payments through mobile wallets.

How many Zapgo EV charging points should my business install?

Our team will undertake a detailed desktop and on-site review of each individual location. We’ll recommend the most suitable number of charging points and discuss the installation with you. This will depend on various factors, including your venue’s facilities and those nearby.

What happens if one of my Zapgo EV charging points breaks?

We will probably know before you do, thanks to our 24-hour monitoring system. Most issues can be fixed swiftly and remotely. If for any reason we need to replace a charging point, we will do so quickly and with minimal disruption to you.

Will my charging point’s hardware become out of date?

Our EV charging points are designed and built to last 10+ years. We only install the most advanced technology and have the capacity for a technology refresh during the period of your lease.

Why should I join the Zapgo network?

We take the lead and make everything easy for you. With zero cost, zero effort, and zero risk, you will be earning revenue with every charge. We’re also all about long-term relationships - we communicate clearly and transparently throughout your relationship with us, with 24/7 support for your customers.

Our priority is to make your much-loved business even more desirable to the UK’s growing EV driving population. By accepting our invitation to join, you’ll be putting your property on the map - being a Zapgo hero is a badge of honour.

If you’d like to give customers a new reason to visit, earn revenue every time they charge and be part of our handpicked network, get in touch today.

How much money will I make with Zapgo charging points?

You'll receive a revenue share as agreed with Zapgo. Since your own outlay would be zero, you could be earning this extra revenue from the day the chargers start being used. As well as drawing in local people, competitively priced charging points will attract passing traffic and tourists, who can enjoy your goods or services while they charge up. Isn’t it time you made more of your car park?

Want to join our Zapgo network?
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