Join our network of electric vehicle charging points at handpicked local destinations.
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Three benefits for your business

Zero cost

Zapgo will install rapid charging points at no cost to you.

Zero effort

Our expert team is easy to work with and will take care of everything.

Zero risk

We’ll continue to operate, maintain and monitor your charging points.

How it works

Who we are

Zapgo lets you run your business at full charge, creating an extra revenue opportunity from your car park.

At Zapgo, we’re bringing rapid EV charging points to handpicked local destinations. And we’re really going places – a fully funded company with 100 years’ combined experience, we’ve got a big, green plan for the future.

With zero cost, effort or risk for business owners, we’re making locations even more desirable so customers can relax, shop, workout or sip a latte while their car gets recharged. They’ll have one more reason to visit, and you’ll have a new revenue stream from day one.

Leading the way

Steve Leighton

Our CEO is an expert in connectivity, having previously been CEO of a rural broadband provider for 12 years. He's also Chairman of the Internet Service Providers Association's Council (ISPA).

Ross Mabon

Our Chief Operating Officer Ross has dedicated experience growing and operating EV-related businesses, with a specific focus on operational excellence, delivery, and ensuring a strong customer experience.

Peter Ward

With extensive experience as CFO of several telecoms infrastructure companies, our Chief Financial Officer Peter has scaled businesses from start-ups to household names with over 1m customers.

Dilukshi Leanage

As the former Director of Global Real Estate Legal Affairs at an EV company - as well as General Counsel securing property assets for outdoor advertising - Dilukshi knows about land, cars and charging. She's our General Counsel.

Zapgo in numbers

Join our network to enhance your local area's infrastructure and earn extra revenue from your car park from day one. Here’s how we’re rolling out our big, green plan.

Zapgo in the news

Speaking on Sky News, our Chief Operating Officer Ross Mabon says: “What we’re focussed on is simple, reliable charging infrastructure, which will give you the charge you require for around 100-200 miles in about 40 minutes.”

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