​If you are to install EV charging facilities, Zapgo can help

We can be an ideal partner for stakeholders looking to install EV charging facilities, generating an entirely new revenue stream on real estate sites.

  • Well-Funded: Zapgo is backed by a leading Canadian infrastructure investor. We are well-capitalised and won’t leave you with “stranded assets”. We will also work with you over time to grow charger numbers on your estate as EV numbers grow.

  • Experienced Team: the Zapgo team has over 100 years of collective infrastructure experience. We know how to operate charge points to ensure a positive customer experience. Please see the “Meet the Team” page for more information.

  • Flexible Partnerships: we can work with you to create an attractive profit-share model. We'll find a solution that’s every bit as unique as your property, that will enhance your offering without compromising its splendour.

  • Care For Communities: we're passionate about engaging with local communities and championing equal access for all users. As well as drawing local people from the wider community, our competitively priced charging points will attract passing traffic and can help put your property on the map.

If you’re ready, please contact us on charging@zapgo.co.uk. We will carry out a free site survey and can lead you through every step of the process to develop an attractive portfolio of EV chargers.